Acetaldehyde Increases Dopaminergic Neuronal Activity in the VTA

Agricultural Chemicals and Cigarette Additives

Ammonia Added to Cigarettes Can Significantly Boost Availability of Nicotine, Says New Study

Brown & Williamson Papers Claim Wide Industry Use Of Additive in Cigarettes

Cigarette Smoking  # 1 Killer In the United States

‘Impact Booster’: Tobacco Firm Shows How Ammonia Spurs Delivery of Nicotine

Jeffrey Wigand: The Whistle-Blower

List of additives in cigarettes

The Manipulation of Public Opinion by the Tobacco Industry: Past, Present, and Future cgi/ viewcontent.cgi?article=1028 &context=jhclp

Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine’s Addictive Hold Increases When Combined With Other Tobacco Smoke Chemicals, UCI Study Finds

Smoke and Mirrors:  Cigarettes Get Burned

Smoking Is Ugly

Smoking tops list of killers causing preventable death in U.S.

Smoking:  What’s in a Cigarette?

Study Points to Acetaldehyde-Nicotine Combination In Adolescent Addiction


Tobacco additives: Cigarette engineering and nicotine addiction index.php/ Tobacco_additives:_Cigarette_engineering_and_nicotine_addiction

What’s in a Cigarette

What’s in a Cigarette & Disease: Chemicals, Cancer and Heart Disease



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