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How to see a memory

What Your Eyes Say About Your Alzheimer’s Risk

Compound prevents neurological damage, shows cognitive benefits in mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease

National Institutes of Health (NIH) Announces NIAGEN® Prevents Neurological Damage and Shows Improved Cognitive and Physical Function in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease

BACE1 deletion in the adult mouse reverses preformed amyloid deposition and improves cognitive functions

Study Finds No Neurogenesis in Adult Humans’ Hippocampi

The Concussion Repair Manual: A Practical Guide to Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries

New Research Shows Synergy with Omega-3 Fatty Acids and B Vitamins in Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease

Does dim light make us dumber?

Arm Exercise Improves Walking Ability after Stroke

How to see a memory

With health care cuts looming, low-cost magnesium a welcome option for treating depression

Study: Rhythmic interactions between cortical layers underlie working memory

Weekly Fish Consumption Linked to Better Sleep, Higher IQ, Penn Study Finds

Study identifies protein important for brain maturation

A toxic form of dopamine may stress out brain cells in Parkinson’s disease

Study shows how memories ripple through the brain

Why Females Are More Sensitive to Cocaine

Women May be More Vulnerable to Concussions Because of “Leaner” Nerve Fibers, Penn Study Suggests

A systems approach for discovering linoleic acid derivatives that potentially mediate pain and itch

New research shows how alcohol damages DNA and increases cancer risk

Study: Facial Cues Indicate Sickness

Thirdhand Smoke Exposure Effects on Liver and Brain Found to Worsen Over Time

Removing Chemical Used to Make Teflon-like Coatings Has Led to Fewer Low Birth Weights and Less Brain Damage

Biological and Clinical Implications of Comorbidities in Parkinson’s Disease

Getting Drugs Past the Blood-Brain Barrier

Study finds consuming nuts strengthens beneficial brainwave frequencies

Prions Found in Skin of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Patients

Vitamin D Deficiency and Cognitive Functioning in Psychotic Disorders

Optogenetic Therapies Move Closer to Clinical Use

Lighting Up Monkey Brains

72.12 / KK16 – A novel role of BDNF in the regulation of REM sleep

Researchers Find Immune Cells Help Rebuild Damaged Nerves

The Gut Microbiome and the Brain

First study shows tie between probiotic and improved symptoms of depression

Parkinson’s disease involves degeneration of the olfactory system

Adderall and its dark history with Schizophrenia has been linked to both suicide and abuse

Parkinson’s disease involves degeneration of the olfactory system

Neuro-immune crosstalk in allergic asthma

Beeswax found to reduce stress and improve sleep thanks to this remarkable molecule

Mercury and autism: New research provides yet more damning evidence that mercury exposure leads to ASD

Folic acid may mitigate autism risk from pesticides

The Steep Cost of Sleep Deprivation

Ringing in ears keeps brain more at attention, less at rest, study finds

New kinds of brain cells revealed

Marijuana associated with three-fold risk of death from hypertension

New Study: Turmeric Compound Activates Regeneration of Brain Stem Cells

Vitamin C: Stress Buster

Evidence-Based Research on the Role of Zinc and Magnesium Deficiencies in Depression

Top 5 powerful natural pain reliever alternatives

Researchers warn even moderate alcohol consumption can cause brain damage

Brain “relay” also key to holding thoughts in the mind

NIH scientists try to crack the brain’s memory codes

Exposure to Specific Toxins and Nutrients During Late Pregnancy and Early Life Correlated With Autism Risk

First study shows tie between probiotic and improved symptoms of depression

Does Consuming Low-Fat Dairy Increase the Risk of Parkinson’s Disease? [Full-Fat Dairy Did Not]

Metabolic Enzyme Fuels Molecular Machinery of Memory

First study shows tie between probiotic and improved symptoms of depression

Even learning to read in your thirties profoundly transforms brain networks

Look at Eva, 4 months old and standing

Wiring of the ‘little brain’ linked to multiple forms of mental illness

Study: News Stories Often Link Violence With Mental Health Illness, Even Though People With Mental Health Illness Are Rarely Violent

Super-sized memory is trainable and long lasting

Brain is 10 times more active than previously measured, UCLA researchers find

Marijuana use associated with increased risk of stroke, heart failure

A Hot Cup of Attention Tempered with Chocolate, Please

New MRI Method Aids Long-term Concussion Prognosis

A brain wide chemical signal that enhances memory

Some specialized neurons are for processing faces

Hypoxia due to CHD linked to abnormal neurogenesis and impaired cortical growth

Delaying marijuana smoking to age 17 cuts risks to teens’ brains, new study suggests

New pathway for fear discovered deep within brain

Shedding new light on the formation of emotional fear memories

The rhythm that makes memories permanent

Brain caught ‘filing’ memories during rest

Alpha waves close your mind for distraction, but not continuously, research suggests

Consolidating consciousness: Memory permanence may be mediated by neural rehearsal following learning.

Study demonstrates role of gut bacteria in neurodegenerative diseases

Real-time in vivo optogenetic neuromodulation and multielectrode electrophysiologic recording with NeuroRighter

Missed Connections

Transcriptomics of Environmental Enrichment Reveals a Role for Retinoic Acid Signaling in Addiction

Our brains have a basic algorithm that enables our intelligence, scientists say

Practice testing protects memory against stress

Common Probiotics Can Reduce Stress Levels, Lessen Anxiety

Individual Differences in Dynamic Functional Brain Connectivity across the Human Lifespan

Supplementary motor area as key structure for domain-general sequence processing: A unified account.

Smoking electronic cigarettes kills large number of mouth cells

Ducklings Maintain Two Separate Memory Banks of Visual Information

Categorizing Brain Cells

Neurons in the human eye are organized for error correction

The key to a better mood for young men is a nut

Structural network efficiency is associated with cognitive impairment in small-vessel disease

Researchers identify group of brain structural networks linked to loss of cognitive function

One hormone to rule them all

UT Austin Psychology Researchers Map Neurological Process of Learning, Deciding

Study: Lack of brain shrinkage may help predict who develops dementia with Lewy bodies

Study: Lack of brain shrinkage may help predict who develops dementia with Lewy bodies

Broca and Wernicke Are Dead – It’s Time to Rewrite the Neurobiology of Language

Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease: Llama antibodies detect cerebral lesions

Brain scientists at TU Dresden examine brain networks during short-term task learning

This Is What Happens To Your Brain On No Sleep

Treatments may help people with aging eyes see up close without reading glasses

On the Mark: Translating Biomarker Technology to Clinical Neurotoxicity

Early Marijuana Use Associated with Abnormal Brain Function, Study Reveals

Study Shows Teen Girls On The Pill At Least 80 Percent More Likely To Be Prescribed Antidepressants

Math study shows our brains are far more adaptable than we know

Research on stress hormone effects on the brain reveals unexpected findings

Spatial navigation is easier at that time of the month:  Concordia researchers find the menstrual cycle affects memory 

The Birth of Optogenetics

The History of Optogenetics Revised

One more reason to swear off tobacco: The inflammatory trap induced by nicotine

Protective effect of genetically modified cord blood on spinal cord injury in rats

Six teams seek to identify biological factors that influence neural regeneration

New concussion tool approved in time for fall sports

Study Links Autism Severity to Ultrasound Exposure During First Trimester of Pregnancy

Infants prefer toys typed to their gender, says study

Sleeping brain’s complex activity mimicked by simple model

Scientific Evidence Reveals That the Brain Perceives Taste with All Senses

EEG recordings prove learning foreign languages can sharpen our minds

Living with dementia: life story work proves successful

How do antidepressants trigger fear and anxiety?

Support Cells in the Brain Offer a New Strategy to Boost Memory

Caffeine and its analogues counteract memory deficits by normalizing stress responses in the brain

Alzheimer’s: nicotinic receptors as a new therapeutic target

Addiction cravings may get their start deep in the right side of the brain

Cannabinoids remove plaque-forming Alzheimer’s proteins from brain cells

How Long Will Caffeine Buzz Last? Genes May Tell

Breakthrough in understanding of brain development: Immune cell involvement revealed

Elevating brain protein allays symptoms of Alzheimer’s and improves memory

Scripps Florida scientists shed new light on the role of calcium in learning and memory

Nerve cells with a sense of rhythm

UCLA scientists use ultrasound to jump-start a man’s brain after coma

THC makes rats lazy, less willing to try cognitively demanding tasks: UBC study

Revolutionary method to map the brain at single-neuron resolution is successfully demonstrated

Babies’ spatial reasoning predicts later math skills

Marijuana’s long-term effects on the brain demonstrated

Curbing the life-long effects of traumatic brain injury

Taking On Traumatic Brain Injury From All Angles

Neurogenesis: An Overview

Study shows marijuana’s long-term effects on the brain

Seasonal allergies could change your brain

Activating dopamine neurons could turn off binge-like eating behavior

Study finds brain connections key to reading

Scientific serendipity yields new neuron type in mouse retina

National Geographic Video: Beautiful 3-D Brain Scans Show Every Synapse

Salk Institute Video:  How Synapses Work

University of Maryland School of Medicine Researchers Shed Light on How Neurons Exchange Neurotransmitters

Video: The trans-synaptic nanocolumn

Wellcome Collection Video: Dissecting Brains

Study identifies brain areas altered during hypnotic trances

Addiction Silences Synapses in Reward Circuits

The Neural Rejuvenation Hypothesis of Cocaine Addiction

Lower weight in late life may increase risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers identify part of the brain that compensates for hearing loss in older adults

Brain Training Reduces Dementia Risk Across 10 Years

Brains of overweight people ‘ten years older’ than lean counterparts at middle-age

The Brain That Couldn’t Remember: The untold story of the fight over the legacy of “H.M.”

Medical holocaust: Psych drugs have killed more than 5 million people over the last 10 years

A minute of secondhand marijuana smoke may damage blood vessels

Every mass shooting over last 20 years has one thing in common… and it’s not guns

Common brain changes found in children with autism, ADHD and OCD

Breastfeeding associated with better brain development and neurocognitive outcomes

Scientists Keep a Molecule from Moving Inside Nerve Cells to Prevent Cell Death

Study suggests ‘use it or lose it’ to defend against memory loss

Researchers image brain cells’ reactions to concussive trauma

Study shows exercise won’t cause you to forget things

Exercise Boosts Telomere Transcription

Low physical capacity second only to smoking as highest death risk

PET Scan to Visualize Synaptic Density in the Living Brain

Vaping’s toxic vapors come mainly from e-liquid solvents

Team Of Researchers Dig Up New Compound In An Unlikely Spot: Our Noses

Neurons Break Their Own DNA to Enable Memory Formation

Violence Caused by Antidepressants: An Update after Munich

Missing link found between brain, immune system — with profound disease implications

Changes in brain structure during teenage years provide clues to onset of mental health problems

Key findings on how Americans view new technologies that could ‘enhance’ human abilities

From vision to hand action

FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA updates warnings for oral and injectable fluoroquinolone antibiotics due to disabling side effects

“Knockout” Head Injuries Linked to Parkinson’s, but Not Alzheimer’s

New theory explains how beta waves arise in the brain

Genetic Factors Responsible for Creating Anatomical Patterns in the Cortex

Human brain mapped in unprecedented detail

Neurons Compete to Form Memories

Nearly 100 previously unidentified brain areas revealed by examination of the cerebral cortex

Western-style diet linked to state-dependent memory inhibition

Ability to turn off genes in brain crucial for learning, memory

Early preschool bedtimes cut risk of obesity later on

Identifying Brain Regions Automatically

Next Generation: Nanotube Scaffolds Reconnect Spinal Neurons

Scientists restore key parts of vision in blind mice for first time

Athletes may have white matter brain changes 6 months after a concussion

New clues about the ageing memory functions of the brain

Messaging by flow in the brain

Male mitochondrial DNA found to self-destruct after arrival in embryo

Marijuana use dampens brain’s response to reward over time

Prenatal exposure to paracetamol may increase autism spectrum and hyperactivity symptoms in children

Extra-coding RNAs regulate DNA methylation in the adult brain

Parkinson’s disease biomarker found in patient urine samples

Astrocyte Hypertrophy Contributes to Aberrant Neurogenesis after Traumatic Brain Injury

Neurons Born in Injured Adult Brains: Aberrant but Functional

Flipping a protein switch to illuminate brain functions

Human brain houses diverse populations of neurons, new research shows

Scientists detect gray matter changes in brains of teenagers with type 2 diabetes

Need to remember something? Exercise 4 hours later!

A single species of gut bacteria can reverse autism-related social behavior in mice

Most antidepressant drugs ineffective for children and teens, according to study

Exposure to Blue Wavelength Lights Improves Reaction Times

Bifocals in the Brain

The Primate Brain is Pre-Adapted to Face Potentially Any Situation

Many With Migraine Could Have Vitamin Deficiencies

Noncoding RNAs Not So Noncoding

How the brain merges the senses

Morphine may make pain last longer

Fructose alters hundreds of brain genes, which can lead to a wide range of diseases


Israeli Doctors Harness Cord Blood to Fight Cerebral Palsy

Researchers discover moving, electrically ‘silent’ source initiates brain waves

Researchers pinpoint part of the brain that recognizes facial expressions

Complex ideas can enter consciousness automatically automatically

Need to remember something? Better draw it, study finds

Increase Daily Movement to Avoid Age-Related Brain Shrinkage

Fish brains help explain human sensory perception

Early-life exercise alters gut microbes, promotes healthy brain and metabolism

How Does Type of Toy Affect Quantity, Quality of Language in Infant Playtime?

Pitt team finds circadian rhythm of genes in brain changes with aging

Absence of serotonin alters development and function of brain circuits

Scientists manipulate consciousness in rats

How the brain wakes you up

Blue-eyed humans have a single, common ancestor

Plant compound found in spices and herbs increases brain connections

New concussion treatment could change how head injuries are treated

Pesticide found in milk decades ago may be associated with signs of Parkinson’s

Research Shows Nutrition Improves Mental Health Better Than Prescription Medication

The surprisingly dramatic role of nutrition in mental health

Eating sweets forms memories that may control eating habits, study finds

Dartmouth scientists unravel brain circuits involved in cravings

Blood-Brain Barrier Opened Non-Invasively With Focused Ultrasound for the First Time

Watching a memory form

Eye Drops Could Clear Up Cataracts Using Newly Identified Chemical

Brain’s Hippocampus is Essential Structure for All Aspects of Recognition Memory, Penn Medicine Researchers Find

Righting a Wrong? Right Side of Brain Can Compensate for Post-Stroke Loss of Speech

Children’s self-esteem already established by age 5, new study finds

Research confirms fat is sixth taste; names it oleogustus

Sussex study reveals brain mechanism for creating durable memories

Working memory: Underlying processes are more complex than we thought

New insight into how neurons regulate their activity

Neuroscientists identify brain region that holds objects in memory until they are spotted

Testing of oculomotor nerve function may aid in concussion diagnosis

Brain Gain

Study reveals how brain multitasks

Researchers Develop Techniques to Bypass Blood-Brain Barrier, Deliver Drugs to Brain and Nervous System

New Jersey scientists show brain connectivity changes with working memory after TBI

A “fuzzy” method for fMRI recordings

Different memory resolutions map onto different brain locations

Missing link found between brain, immune system — with profound disease implications

Damaged nerve cells communicate with stem cells

How the brain recognizes objects

Brain consolidates memory with three-step brainwave

‘Delayed remembering’: kids can remember tomorrow what they forgot today 

A barrier against brain stem cell aging

Additional Time Spent Outdoors by Children Results in Decreased Rate of Developing Nearsightedness

Kessler TBI-MEM study provides Class 1 evidence for cognitive training efficacy in TBI

Surprised? Cholinergic neurons send brain-wide broadcasts enabling us to learn from the unexpected

Scientists show how exposure to brief trauma and sudden sounds form lasting memories

ADHD risk rises for each week a preemie is born early

Study links physical activity to greater mental flexibility in older adults

Missing link found between brain, immune system — with profound disease implications

Promising class of new cancer drugs might cause memory loss in mice

The Lancet: Working long hours linked to higher risk of stroke

Coffee Consumption Habits Impact the Risk of Mild Cognitive Impairment

Astrocytes found to play a key role in regulating neural networks

Common medications could delay brain injury recovery

Receptor that helps protect brain cells has important role in support cells for the retina

Kidney impairment decreases blood flow to the brain, boosting risk of brain disorders

New Study Reveals for the First Time: How Emotions Influence Learning and Memory Processes in the Brain

Early evidence suggests hybrid cochlear implants may benefit millions with common form of hearing loss

Link between intestinal bacteria, depression found

Coffee consumption habits impact the risk of mild cognitive impairment

Research grasps how the brain plans gripping motion

Practice doesn’t always make perfect (depending on your brain)

Sleep makes our memories more accessible, study shows

Research provides strong link between delirium and inflammation in older patients

Neural efficiency hypothesis confirmed

‘Conjunction junction’ for brain’s navigation function–j070915.php

Making more myelin: Liver X receptors key to cerebellar myelination and remyelination

A new atlas of the brain opens up alternative means for studying brain disorders

Human color vision provides nanoscale accuracy in thin-film thickness characterization

The role of the microbiota in preventing allergies

Is Defeat Sweeter Than Victory? Cornell Researchers Reveal the Science Behind Emotional Eating

Some SSRI antidepressants may be associated with increased birth defect risk

Secondhand Smoke Increases Stroke Risk by 30 Percent for Nonsmokers

Prion protein protects against epilepsy :Neuroprotective role of PrPC confirmed with unprecedented accuracy

Findings identify receptors modulating macrophage responses to spinal cord injury

Study Highlights ‘Important Safety Issue’ with Widely Used MRI Contrast Agents

Solving the next step in the mystery of prions

Brain scan can predict who responds best to certain treatment for OCD

Surgical anesthesia in young children linked to effects on IQ, brain structure

Study suggests region of prefrontal cortex impacted by ketamine

Study links brain inflammation triggered by chronic pain to anxiety and depression
It’s in your blood: Links found between blood type and risk of cognitive decline

Researchers find speedometer in the brain

Strokes steal 8 years’ worth of brain function, new study suggests

High Levels of Moral Reasoning Correspond with Increased Gray Matter in Brain

Despite Abnormalities after Concussion, Sleep Continues to Aid Memory and Recall

Missing link found between brain, immune system — with major disease implications

Neuroscientists reveals autism’s ‘noisy’ secret: 3-D simulator reveals inner workings of the autistic brain

Infant brains develop years faster than we thought

Babies can think before they can speak

Grass plants can transport infectious prions

Motherhood permanently alters the brain and its response to hormone therapy later in life

Special fats proven essential for brain growth

Can you see what I hear? Blind human echolocators use visual areas of the brain

Omega-3 fatty acids enhance cognitive flexibility in at-risk older adults

Researchers show that mental ‘map’ and ‘compass’ are two separate systems

Why Big Pharma is not addressing the failure of antidepressants

Study on neurogenesis in the olfactory bulb

Anxiety is not overcome in the brain’s fear center

All the President’s Neuroscientists

Using new ‘chemogenetic’ technique, scientists turn neurons ‘on’ and ‘off’

Light — not pain-killing drugs — used to activate brain’s opioid receptors

Neurons constantly rewrite their DNA

Research unlocks critical early nutrient supply for embryos

Using new ‘chemogenetic’ technique, scientists turn neurons ‘on’ and  ‘off’

New insight into how brain makes memories

Gut Microbes Influence Circadian Clock

Want Kids To Pay Attention In Class? Give Them Standing Desks

Study Sheds New Light on Brain’s Source of Power

Drugs Stimulate Body’s Own Stem Cells to Replace the Brain Cells Lost in Multiple Sclerosis

Kids with ADHD Must Squirm to Learn, UCF Study Says

Synthetic pot sends hundreds to ERs in past month

Study links brain anatomy, academic achievement, and family income

New potential cause for Alzheimer’s: Arginine deprivation

Seeing is not remembering: Study examines ‘attribute amnesia’

Montréal scientists get 1 step closer to finding how to repair damaged nerve cells

Mayo Clinic Study of Thousands of Brains Reveals Tau as Driver of Alzheimer’s Disease

Rats, reasoning, and rehabilitation: Neuroscientists uncovering how we reason

When attention is a deficit: How the brain switches strategies to find better solutions

How body’s good fat tissue communicates with brain

Sea slug provides new way of analyzing brain data

Nerve cells borrow a trick from their synapses to dispose of garbage

Are our schools damaging children’s eyes?

After learning new words, brain sees them as pictures

Study of thousands of brains reveals tau as driver of Alzheimer’s disease

Vitamin D vital for gene expression in developing brains

More schools, more challenging assignments add up to higher IQ scores

High-definition scans suggest effects of smoking may be seen in unborn babies

Training your brain to pay attention

Troops Who Don’t Pass the Smell Test Likely Have Traumatic Brain Injury

Neuropsychology: Power naps produce a significant improvement in memory performance

New images of the brain show the forgetful side effect of frequent recall

Study Examines Memory and Effects on the Aging Brain

Mayo Clinic Finds Direct Evidence of Gadolinium Deposition in Brain Tissues Following Contrast-Enhanced MRI Exams

Scientists make surprising finding in stroke research

Alzheimer’s: new ultrasound technique ‘restores memory’ in mice

Magnets and Nanoparticles for Deep Brain Stimulation (ripe for abuse)

Listening to classical music modulates genes that are responsible for brain functions

Ultrasound Technology Can Be Used to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease (safely?)

Link Between Iodine and IQ (study unethical?)

Teen cannabis users have poor long-term memory in adulthood

Regeneration in a hostile environment

Learning like machines

Engineer builds device to show how blood flows when we think

Brain development controlled by epigenetic factor

Bioelectricity plays key role in brain development and repair

One in six college students misuse ADHD stimulant drugs

Researchers devise a way to alter feelings attached to memories in mice while they sleep

Neurons critical for learning divided into two subpopulations with different functions

Multitasking hunger neurons also control compulsive behaviors

Scientist helps develop new tools to probe mysteries of the brain

Research Suggests Brain’s Melatonin May Trigger Sleep

High-normal thyroid hormone level in pregnancy may affect fetal brain development

Neuroscientists find that different parts of the brain work best at different ages

High-normal thyroid hormone level in pregnancy may affect fetal brain development

Exposure to endocrine disruptors during pregnancy affects the brain two generations later

Human brains age less than previously thought

Just a half hour of lost sleep linked weight gain

Exercise may boost size of some brain regions

Antibodies to brain proteins may trigger psychosis

New study links BPA exposure to autism spectrum disorder

Time to “just say no” to behavior-calming drugs for Alzheimer patients? Experts say yes

Results challenge conventional wisdom about where the brain begins processing visual information

Sleep-Walking Neurons: Brain’s GPS Never Stops Working—Even During Sleep

Mind-readers: scientists crack a piece of the neural code for learning and memory

Cerebral Blood Flow as a Possible Marker for Concussion Outcomes

Low sugar uptake in brain appears to exacerbate Alzheimer’s disease

Rowan University Study Links BPA Exposure to Autism Spectrum Disorder

Left or right? The brain knows before you move

Mystery of the reverse-wired eyeball solved

Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D may control brain serotonin

Intermediary Neuron Acts as Synaptic Cloaking Device, Says Carnegie Mellon Study

MGH study identifies neurons that help predict what another individual will do

The numbers are in: As many as two in three smokers will die from their habit, Australian study concludes

Exercise reduces stress: UGA scientists discover why

How brain waves guide memory formation

Researchers from the UCA report that the acute use of cannabinoids depresses motor neuron activity

3D-printed guides can help restore function in damaged nerves

Study sheds light on a ‘guardian’ protein of brain function

How a simple vitamin B prescription could help people with Alzheimer’s

Emotional modulation of synapses, circuits and memory

Researchers measure concussion forces in greatest detail yet

Major study led by autistic scientist challenges long-held preconceptions about the condition

Highly processed foods linked to addictive eating

New brain mapping reveals unknown cell types

Growth hormone improves social impairments in those with autism-linked disorder

Researchers observe stem cell specialization in the brain

Nicotine metabolite amplifies action of the primary chemical messenger for learning and memory

A good night’s sleep keeps your stem cells young

Recovering Attention After a Stroke: Brain’s Right Hemisphere May Be More Valuable

Broca’s area is the brain’s script writer where words take shape, study finds

Mulling the marijuana munchies: How the brain flips the hunger switch

Auditory Pain Pathway May Protect Against Hearing Loss

Brain’s iconic seat of speech goes silent when we actually talk–bis021715.php

New insights into underlying cellular mechanisms of information processing in the brain

‘Skunk-like’ cannabis associated with 24% of new psychosis cases

Iron may be a factor in dementia

Even animals compose

Exploring the teenage brain, and its drive for immediate reward

Spontaneous activity shapes neuron development

Human neural stem cells restore cognitive functions impaired by chemotherapy–hns021015.php

Meth Damages Adolescent Brains Far More than Those of Adults, Study Finds

Bad Memory? Blame it on the music, not the memory

Treating the uninjured side of the brain appears to aid stroke recovery

Study shows older adults struggle to recall names when music is playing

Promising peptide for TBI, heart attack and stroke

Energy drinks significantly increase hyperactivity in schoolchildren

Team finds DNA repair is high in heart, nonexistent in brain

Akt Pathway ‘ramp ups’ effects of transplanted umbilical cord cells used in stroke therapy

Similar statistics play role in decision-making and World War II code breaking

Dizziness Can Be a Fatal Side Effect of Many Medications

New reset button discovered for circadian clock

Research team identifies key process in embryonic neurogenesis

New ‘ambulance’ for the brain could facilitate treatment of diseases with no therapy available

USC neurogeneticists harness immune cells to clear Alzheimer’s-associated plaques

With good timing, experiences can rewire old brains

25 percent of homeless people surveyed in Toronto report vision problems

Youth hockey brain imaging study suggests early marker for concussion damage

UVA discovers trigger for protective immune response to spinal cord injuries

Researchers find that neurons in the primary visual cortex listen to just a small subset of synaptic inputs

Dartmouth study highlights brain cells’ role in navigating environment

How communication among neurons changes over the course of development

Circadian clock-Angelman syndrome link established

Learning with all the senses: Movements and images facilitate vocabulary learning

Acute psychological stress reduces ability to withstand physical pain

Compound Found In Grapes, Red Wine May Help Prevent Memory Loss

Why do our photoreceptors respond to light by turning off?

Different mental disorders cause same brain-matter loss, study finds

TSRI scientists find more DNA and extra copies of disease gene in Alzheimer’s brain cells

The brain’s social network: Nerve cells interact like friends on Facebook

More Evidence Music Training Boosts Brainpower

More evidence that musical training protects the brain

Laying a foundation for treating ALS, spinal cord injury

Break on through to the other side: How HIV penetrates the blood-brain barrier

Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia reduces suicidal thoughts in veterans

Football: Child’s Play, Adult Peril?

Researchers identify brain circuit that regulates thirst

Researchers show value of tissue-engineering to repair major peripheral nerve injuries

Diet and nutrition essential for mental health

New technologies to help patients with Parkinson’s disease

Novel Eye-Tracking Technology Detects Concussions And Head Injury Severity

Most MS Patients Who Received Stem Cell Transplants Still in Remission Years Later

Oxytocin shows promise for improving social skills in autistic mice

Newly identified brain circuit could be target for treating obesity

New deep-brain imaging reveals separate functions for nearly identical neurons

Immune system ‘reset’ may give MS patients a new lease on life

Everything you wanted to know about mitochondrial mutations but were afraid to ask

Mouse Study: Exposure to Common Pesticide May Increase Risk of ADHD

Further dangers of smoking while pregnant revealed by new study

Walking on Ice Takes More Than Brains

Novel eye-tracking technology detects concussions and head injury severity

Heavy drinking in middle-age may increase stroke risk more than traditional factors

Study on dopamine neurons could instruct research into mobility and neurological disorders

Common Pesticide May Increase Risk of ADHD

Why upper motor neurons degenerate in ALS

Obesity and diabetes symptoms in mice improved by reversing brain inflammation

Infants create new knowledge while sleeping

Oxytocin shows promise for improving social skills in autistic mice

New biological evidence reveals link between brain inflammation and major depression

Playing with puzzles and blocks may build children’s spatial skills

Brain Region Vulnerable to Aging is Larger in Those with Longevity Gene Variant

Research into brain control of liver lipid production could cause break in obesity, diabetes treatment

Higher dementia risk linked to more use of common drugs

Beating the clock: UGA researchers develop new treatment for rabies\

Researchers say they resolved century-old argument about brain

Study of former NFL players reveals specifics of concussive brain damage

Planning may start in brain’s amygdala, study says

Support cells in the brain offer a new strategy to boost memory

Brazil finds coffee protein with morphine effect

The ‘fifth taste,’ umami, could be beneficial for health

Video shows blind mother seeing baby for first time

Lucid dreams and metacognition: Awareness of thinking — awareness of dreaming

Stress during pregnancy can affect fetal development

Good-quality sleep when younger, not older, may benefit later-life memory

Coma patients show improved recovery from hearing family voices

Live broadcast from inside the nerve cell

The brain’s electrical alphabet

Why all-nighters don’t work

Lucid dreams and metacognition: Awareness of thinking – awareness of dreaming

New brain pathway offers hope for treating hypoglycemia

Major discovery on spinal injury reveals unknown immune response

Research suggests anti-inflammatory protein may trigger plaque in Alzheimer’s disease

Sleep tight and stay bright? Better sleep in younger years may aid memory in old age

Study finds infants can learn to communicate from videos

Genome-wide search reveals new genes involved in long-term memory

Research suggests anti-inflammatory protein may trigger plaque in Alzheimer’s disease

Rare neurological disease shines light on health of essential nerve cells

Study detailing axonal death pathway may provide drug targets [why is it always about drugs?] for neurodegenerative diseases

MIT researchers find where visual memories are made

Fatty Acids in Fish May Shield Brain from Mercury Damage

USC study finds blood vessels in older brains break down, possibly leading to Alzheimer’s

Brain recalls old memories via new pathways

Research gives new hope for restoring cells in damaged brains and spinal cords

On the ups and downs of the seemingly idle brain

TV Alcohol Ads Associated with Drinking Behavior in Young People

Study indicates exercise sharpens the young adult brain

A new neural circuit controls fear in the brain

New study: Common degenerative eye disease may be triggered by tiny mineral deposits

Researchers Discover How Brain Recognizes Danger

Brain recalls old memories via new pathways

Curcumin’s ability to fight Alzheimer’s studied

Acetylcholine May Help People Use New Strategies

Look first: A study at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen sheds new light on the hierarchy of the senses

Imaging study finds first evidence of neuroinflammation in brains of chronic pain patients

The Surprising Reason That Empathising With Strangers Can Be Hard

Study shows how chimpanzees share skills

Neuroscientists investigate how 100 billion nerve cells produce a clear thought or an action

Pre-sleep drinking disrupts sleep

The secret of empathy

Is it possible to reset our biological clocks?

Research sheds new light on the hierarchy of the senses

New genetic clues found in fragile X syndrome

New study finds that closing your eyes boosts memory recall

Study shows brain groove unique to humans

Combat veterans’ brains reveal hidden damage from IED blasts

Depression, behavioral changes may precede memory loss in Alzheimer’s

A bidirectional relationship between physical activity and executive function in older adults

Episodic memory and self-reference via semantic autobiographical memory: insights from an fMRI study in younger and older adults

Behavioral impairments in animal models for zinc deficiency

Study sheds light on chemicals that insects use to communicate and survive–ssl011315.php

High-calorie feeding may slow progression of ALS

Disruptive children benefit from tailored classroom intervention

New Research on what the Nose ‘Knows’ Reveals an Unexpected Simplicity

Study finds experience of pain relies on multiple brain pathways, not just one

Do viruses make us smarter? Endogenous retroviruses in neural progenitor cells

Your memory can play tricks on you – here’s how

Too much gas, too little food appear major factors in Injury, disease-related memory loss

Two brain regions join forces for absolute pitch

Playing catch can improve balance, prevent falls in seniors

Development of thalamocortical connections between the mediodorsal thalamus and the prefrontal cortex and its implication in cognition

Behavioral impairments in animal models for zinc deficiency

Life-long environmental enrichment counteracts spatial learning, reference and working memory deficits in middle-aged rats subjected to perinatal asphyxia

Nasal Spray with Insulin Equivalent Shows Promise as Treatment for Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment, Alzheimer’s Dementia

Study identifies part of brain key to controlling attention

University or University of Life? Neither provides workers with necessary people skills

Burnt-out workers more likely to make irrational decisions

Remapping the Damaged Brain

Major Detroit study sends clear safety message to prevent brain injury in children

Researchers Discover How a Protein Crucial to Learning and Memory Works

New discoveries in key pathway for neurological diseases  (why is it all about meds?)

Researchers Map Direct Gut-Brain Connection

Circadian rhythms regulate skin stem cell metabolism and expansion, UCI study finds–crr010615.php

Interteaching and Lecture:  A Comparison of Long-Term Recognition Memory

Coffee and Tea May Protect the Brain

Is depression a kind of allergic reaction?

Study Pinpoints Autism-Linked Protein for Sculpting Brain Connections

Human Eye Sometimes Sees the Unseeable

Extra bed rest may not be best for kids with concussions

Humans, sparrows make sense of sounds in similar ways: Complex set of cognitive skills

Animal Study Points to a Treatment for Huntington’s Disease

Human speech’s surprising influence on young infants

Women, quitting smoking for New Years? Time it with your period!

Exercise allows you to age optimally

MRI shows gray matter myelin loss strongly related to MS disability

Bilingualism delays Alzheimer manifestation by more than four years

Can Exercise Help People with Parkinson’s Disease?

Report on Remission in Patients With MS 3 Years After Stem Cell Transplant

Brain chemical potential new hope in controlling Tourette Syndrome tics

Identifiable Images of Bystanders Extracted from Corneal Reflections|NSNS|2014-GLOBAL-twitter

Medial Frontal White and Gray Matter Contributions to General Intelligence.

Breakthrough study identifies genetic link between the circadian clock and seasonal timing

The mechanisms and functions of spontaneous neurotransmitter release

Using light to produce natural sleep patterns

Rethinking things past: Both Hebbian plasticity and neuromodulation essential to memory formation

Report on Remission in Patients With MS 3 Years After Stem Cell Transplant

Molecular network identified underlying autism spectrum disorders

Children with Autism Who Live With Pets Are More Assertive

Prescriptions for anti-anxiety medications put teens at risk

Scientists uncover potential to control the body’s internal clock

Binge drinking disrupts immune system in young adults, Loyola researcher finds

New cell marking technique to help understand how our brain works

Doctors Prescribing Fewer Opioids for Pain

Cardiorespiratory Fitness Improves Memory in Older Adults

The Secret Power of Words

Year in review: Young blood aids old brains

Fast-Food Consumption Linked to Lower Test Score Gains in 8th Graders

Optogenetics captures neuronal transmission in live mammalian brain

Using light to understand the brain

Smartphone Thumb Skills Are Altering Our Brains

Worse lower, higher, frequency hearing in HIV+ adults

Could playing Tchaikovsky’s ‘Nutcracker’ and other music improve kids’ brains?

Echolocation Acts as Substitute Sense for Blind People

Optogenetics captures neuronal transmission in live mammalian brain

Project pinpoints 12 new genetic causes of developmental disorders

Light-emitting e-readers detrimentally shift circadian clock, study shows

Ability to balance on one leg may reflect brain health and stroke risk

Balance in older adults may improve with hearing aids

The dementia that is not Alzheimer’s disease

Lost memories might be able to be restored, new UCLA study indicates

Scientists locate homing signal in brain, explaining why some people are better navigators

High blood sugar in young children with type 1 diabetes linked to changes in brain growth

Fine particulate air pollution linked with increased autism risk

Study Helps Explain Why Some People Are Better Navigators

Subtle but important memory function affected by preterm birth

Stem cells faulty in Duchenne muscular dystrophy, researchers find

‘Master regulator’ gene—long tied to autism disorders—stimulates other genes in early brain development

Seniors still given potentially dangerous sedatives, study finds

Stem cells faulty in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

How the Brain Can Distinguish Good from Bad Smells

Hugs help protect against stress and infection, researchers say

Team gains new insight into how motor neurons in the brain die during ALS

Meth users face substantially higher risk for getting Parkinson’s disease

Mild memory, thinking issues: What works, what doesn’t?

Naming people and objects in baby’s first year may offer learning benefits years later

Broad receptive field responsible for differentiated neuronal activity

Meth users face substantially higher risk for getting Parkinson’s disease

Broad receptive field responsible for differentiated neuronal activity

Amount of mitochondrial DNA predicts frailty and mortality

Neurotransmitter Binding Site Function Revealed with Unprecedented Accuracy

Neurons listen to glia cells

Neuronal circuits filter out distractions in brain

Immune Cells in Brain Respond to Fat in Diet, Causing Mice to Eat

Current practices in reporting on behavioural genetics can mislead the public

The brain depends on gut bacteria for protection

Parkinson’s disease: Study focuses on regulation of dopamine levels

Immune cells in brain respond to fat in diet, causing mice to eat–ici121214.php

The Fault in Our Stats

Neurons in human muscles emphasize the impact of the outside world

Can a blood biomarker predict the presence of intracranial lesions following mild traumatic brain injury?

Scientists discover brain mechanism that drives us to eat glucose

Memory lapses among highly educated may signal higher stroke risk

Brain reward circuits respond differently to two kinds of sugar

Neuroscientists Reveal Fundamental Discovery About Cortical Neurons

Training elderly in social media improves well-being and combats isolation

Cocaine consumption quadruples the risk of sudden death in people between 19 and 49

Patient awakes from post-traumatic minimally conscious state after administration of depressant drug

Immune cells in brain respond to fat in diet, causing mice to eat–ici121214.php

The subthalamic nucleus keeps you high on emotion: behavioral consequences of its inactivation

Distracted to Learn?

Saving Data Can Prime Human Memory for New Info

Enhanced timing abilities in percussionists generalize to rhythms without a musical beat

Almost all US teens are sleep deprived, study finds

BDNF mediates improvements in executive function following a 1-year exercise intervention

Many U.S. workers are sacrificing sleep for work hours, long commutes

Can a biomarker in the blood predict head fracture after traumatic brain injury?

Youngest bone marrow transplant patients at higher risk of cognitive decline

Memory lapses among highly educated may signal higher stroke risk

Human eye can see ‘invisible’ infrared light

Myelin linked to speedy recovery of human visual system after tumor removal

Prenatal exposure to common household chemicals linked with substantial drop in child IQ

Brain Inflammation A Hallmark Of Autism, Large Scale Analysis Shows

Study Pinpoints Part of Brain That Triggers Addiction

MU Researchers Find Alcohol Interferes with the Body’s Ability to Regulate Sleep

Study concludes that progesterone administered to severe TBI patients, showed no benefit

U-M study pinpoints part of brain that triggers addiction

Patient’s own stem cells could clear a cloudy cornea, Pitt team says

Stain Every Nerve

Paying attention makes touch-sensing brain cells fire rapidly and in sync

Multiple, short learning sessions strengthen memory formation in fragile X syndrome

Smoking still causes large proportion of cancer deaths in the United States

Many memories, many rooms

Eleven maps for eleven rooms: Probing the brain’s extensive capacity for storing memories

Blocking receptor in brain’s immune cells counters Alzheimer’s in mice

Scientists discover brain mechanism that drives us to eat glucose

Shedding New Light on the Formation of Emotional Fear Memories

Research findings shed light on brain’s storage capacity and how memories are kept separate

Researchers Find Link Between Sleep Deprivation and Cell Damage

Blows to Head Damage Brain’s ‘Garbage Truck,’ Accelerate Dementia

Glymphatic System

CT scans ‘can predict risk of stroke’ in TIA patients

The intestinal immune system controls the body weight

Can sleep loss affect your brain size?

Trans Fat Consumption is Linked to Diminished Memory in Working-aged Adults

Your memory can play tricks on you – here’s how

Psychosis – A Dream-Like State Of Mind?

3D fMRI Promises Deeper Neuroscience

Consuming This Type of Fat Linked to 10% Worse Memory Performance

How stroke survivors could benefit from computer games

Brain Study Uncovers New Clues on How Cues May Affect Memory

Serotonin makes some people more susceptible to drug dependence than others

Dopamine helps with math rules as well as mood

The antioxidant capacity of orange juice is multiplied tenfold

Don’t worry, be happy: Just go to bed earlier

Recent findings about the neuroscience of how the brain selects certain things out of the environment that are “salient” for an individual

3D Compass in the Brain

Study links running to lower Alzheimer’s death risk

3D Compass in the Brain

Scientists Identify Principal Protein Sensor for Touch

Brain research reveals new hope for patients with anorexia nervosa

Peptide shows great promise for treating spinal cord injury

Scientists detect brain network that gives humans superior reasoning skills

Toxin from tobacco smoke could increase pain in spinal cord injury and worsen multiple sclerosis

Retrieval practice best learning strategy for  young people with TBI

Study shows smoking cigarettes makes quitting drinking harder

Brain Representations of Social Thoughts Accurately Predict Autism Diagnosis

Blows to head damage brain’s ‘garbage truck,’ accelerate dementia

Vitamin supplement successfully prevents noise-induced hearing loss

Vitamin D deficiency, depression linked in UGA-led international study

Do concussions have lingering cognitive, physical, and emotional effects?

High School Football Players Show Brain Changes After One Season

Diabetes in midlife linked to significant cognitive decline 20 years later

The human eye can see ‘invisible’ infrared light

Programmes that control the production of neurons during brain development determine how the brain folds

Kessler Foundation researchers explore impact of traumatic brain injury on long-term memory

Do Dogs Understand Words or Emotions?

Researchers explore 3-D microsurgical anatomy of brainstem

Scientists sniff out unexpected role for stem cells in the brain

E-cigarettes contain up to 10 times carcinogens: Japan research

Folic acid prior to conception may lower risk of small-for-gestational-age offspring

How cognitive therapy works in the brain

How to tell if your child has a speech or language impairment

Ghrelin hormone stimulates an appetite for drinking alcohol

Seniors Draw on Extra Brainpower for Shopping

Songbirds Help Scientists Develop Cooling Technique To Safely Map The Human Brain

Scientists sniff out unexpected role for stem cells in the brain

Stroke damage mechanism identified

Mitochondria Munchers: Glial cells consume mitochondria released by neurons in the optic nerve.

Secret of tetanus toxicity offers new way to treat motor neuron disease

Readying the neural network: Study examines extrasynaptic neurotransmitter receptors

Light-Operated Drugs: Scientists create a photosensitive pharmaceutical to target a glutamate receptor.

Readying the neural network: Study examines extrasynaptic neurotransmitter receptors

‘Chatty’ cells help build the brain

Brain’s compass relies on geometric relationships, researchers discover

Reading component skills in dyslexia: word recognition, comprehension and processing speed

‘Chatty’ Cells Help Build the Brain

How learning to talk is in the genes

Researchers Identify New Rare Neuromuscular Disease

Reality Check: 10 Practical Applications of Illusions

The cognitive neuroscience of human memory since H.M.

Nature Neuroscience:  Focus on Memory

Ascorbic Acid and the Brain: Rationale for the Use against Cognitive Decline

Dehydroascorbic acid, a blood–brain barrier transportable form of vitamin C, mediates potent cerebroprotection in experimental stroke

Brain Plasticity Does Not Decrease With Age; Filtering Out Irrelevant Details Is The Problem

Researchers shed new light on the genetics of memory performance

How we subconsciously learn to connect with our eyes

Elderly brains learn, but maybe too much

How various brain areas interact in decisions

Elderly brains learn, but maybe too much

With age, we lose our visual learning filter

Copper on the Brain at Rest

Researchers identify brain regions that encode words, grammar, story

Researchers identify new rare neuromuscular disease

Brain’s reaction to virtual reality should prompt further study, suggests new research by UCLA neuroscientists

Why Animals Are Vital to Brain Research

Longitudinal study explores white matter damage, cognition after traumatic axonal injury

Researchers find brain network link between development, aging and brain disease

Missing gene linked to autism

Researchers identify protein that predicts post-concussion severity in professional athletes

Researchers shed new light on the genetics of memory performance

Has a possible new lead been found in the fight against neurodegenerative diseases?

Pain and itch in a dish: Skin cells converted into pain sensing neurons

Teens prescribed anti-anxiety or sleep medications more likely to abuse those drugs illegally

Brain’s Reaction to Virtual Reality Should Prompt Further Study

Babies remember nothing but a good time, study says

Test detects early brain damage in football players

Protein that rouses the brain from sleep may be target for Alzheimer’s prevention

Epidemic spreading and neurodegenerative progression

FDA approve new opioid with abuse-deterrent properties

Functional mapping of the central actions of the powerful bath salt MDPV and its effects on resting state brain activity

Hypothesizing that designer drugs containing cathinones (“bath salts”) have profound neuro-inflammatory effects and dangerous neurotoxic response following human consumption

Running for exercise ‘slows the aging process’

Scientists identify the signature of aging in the brain

‘Bath salts’ reduce communication in rat brains

A Protein Shepherd Helps Coordinate Brain Development

Marijuana Use Linked to Changes in the Brain

Gene variants implicated in ADHD identify attention and language deficits in the general population

Atlanta eyes startups for starring role in neuroscience |

Spatial memory: Orientation study suggests that a visual image of the intermediate spatial environment exists in brain

Intelligence inheritance: Three genes that add to your IQ score

Research team led by CEU-UCH professor Soria treats brain injuries in mice using bone marrow stem cells and antioxidants

Brain injuries in mice treated using bone marrow stem cells, antioxidants

New System Reveals How Our Brains and Bodies Change as We Fall Asleep

Emotional Intelligence Can Boost Income

Herpes Simplex Virus May Up Risk of Alzheimer’s

Could magnets in helmets reduce football concussions?

How blind people use batlike sonar

Electric shock study suggests we’d rather hurt ourselves than others

Brain training using sounds can help aging brain ignore distractions

Media: Multitasking linked to decreased cognitive performance

The stages of brain development – 2

The stages of brain development – 1

Scientists prevent memory problems caused by sleep deprivation

Lifelong learning and the plastic brain

Trans-Fat Foods Now Linked To Poor Memory

Team prevents memory problems caused by sleep deprivation

Breakthrough Offers Promise for Spinal Cord Injury Patients to Breathe on Their Own Again

Prolonged Negative Thinking May Increase Alzheimer’s Risk

Gut microbiota influences blood-brain barrier permeability

Using Sound to Enhance Deep Sleep, Memory

Rat Study Suggests Oxycodone Can Cause Long-term Behavioral Changes

Imagination, reality flow in opposite directions in the brain

Too Much of Two Drugs May Increase Risk of Dementia

Many older brains have plasticity, but in a different place

Adults With Autism Find It Hard to Recognize Facial Clues

Alzheimer’s disease: Molecular signals cause brain cells to switch into a hectic state

Global surge in ADHD diagnosis has more to do with marketing than medicine, expert suggests\

Mold may mean bad news for the brain

Biologists explore link between memory deficit and misfiring circadian clock in Siberian hamsters

Study Reports Musicians Show Advantages in Long Term Memory

Protein production prevents sleep-loss forgetfulness

Spice up your memory: Just one gram of turmeric a day could boost memory

Chronic alcohol intake can damage white matter pathways across the entire brain

Brain Receptor Cell Could Be New Target for Alzheimer’s

Mother’s Presence Makes Pain Go Away and Changes Gene Activity in Infant Brain

How gut bacteria ensure a healthy brain – and could play a role in treating depression

New insights that link Fragile X syndrome and autism spectrum disorders

Growth factor regenerates damaged nerves without sprouting new blood vessels

With rewards, we remember more than we should

TSRI Researchers Discover New Type of Neuron that Plays Key Role in Nicotine Addiction

Brain response to a ‘lost’ first language

Major brain pathway rediscovered after century-old confusion, controversy

New type of neuron that plays key role in nicotine addiction found

Where will big neuroscience take us?

Thirdhand smoke poses lingering danger

Locking Shut the Calcium Channel

Secondhand marijuana smoke may damage blood vessels as much as tobacco smoke

Moderate alcohol benefits: only for 15% of population

Virus may affect mental abilities, study reports

‘Not just a flavoring:’ Menthol and nicotine, combined, desensitize airway receptors

Neuroscientists reveal mechanism crucial to molding male brains

What brain studies reveal about the risk of adolescent alcohol use and abuse

Otago neuroscientists reveal mechanism crucial to moulding male brains

Vibrating gloves can teach Braille in MINUTES: Motors attached to knuckles help the brain remember complex touch patterns

Musical Glove Improves Sensation, Mobility for People with Spinal Cord Injury

Omega-3 fatty acids may prevent some forms of depression: study

MS breakthrough: switching off aggressive cells stops body from attacking itself

Overcoming Fear With Oxytocin

Researchers provide first peek at how neurons multitask

Mechanism and treatment for learning and memory deficits in mouse models of Noonan syndrome

Musical Glove Improves Sensation, Mobility for People with Spinal Cord Injury

Could Depression Actually be a form of Infectious Disease? – See more at:
Studies Identify Spinal Cord Neurons that Control Skilled Limb Movement

Could Depression Actually Be a Form of Infectious Disease?

Researchers Generate New Neurons in Brains, Spinal Cords of Living Adult Mammals

With Age Comes a Better Understanding of Social Signals

Computer Model of Nerve Cells Provides Insights into Communication Problems

Different Neuronal Groups Govern Right-Left Alternation When Walking

Do spinal cord injuries cause subsequent brain damage?

Learning a New Language is an Excellent Mental Workout

Scientists find first evidence of ‘local’ clock in the brain

Do spinal cord injuries cause subsequent brain damage?

Habits as learning enhancers

Scientists Propose a New Definition for Tau-Only Pathology

Primary age-related tauopathy (PART): a common pathology associated with human aging

New Alzheimer’s-related memory disorder identified

Study finds twitches during sleep activate the brain in a unique way

Stopped brain clock saves memory in hamsters

Biological Clocks Operate on Many Scales

Effects of sleep deprivation on different phases of memory in the rat: dissociation between contextual and tone fear conditioning tasks

Abnormal emotional learning in a rat model of autism exposed to valproic acid in utero

Learning a New Language Changes Functionality and Structure of Brain Networks

Researchers at IRB Barcelona discover that the liver and brain communicate in order to regulate appetite

EEG neurofeedback treatments in children with ADHD: an updated meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Trinity scientists make breakthrough in understanding Parkinson’s disease

Molecular Time Signalling Controls Stem Cells During Brain Development

Study offers new clue into how anesthesia works

Study Identifies New Player in Brain Function and Memory

New Alzheimer’s-related memory disorder identified

Total recall:  the science behind it

The science behind total recall: New player in brain function and memory

Picture emerges of how kids get head injuries

The surprising effects of attention on creativity

Humans’ big brains might be due in part to newly identified protein

Focusing on executive functions in kindergarten leads to lasting academic improvements

The backwards brain? Study shows how brain maps develop to help us perceive the world

‘Smart’ drugs [Modafinil] won’t make smart people smarter, research concludes

How does the brain develop in individuals with autism?

IU-led research team identifies genetic variant linked to better memory performance

Single molecular switch may contribute to major aging-related diseases

Genetic variant linked to better memory performance found

Learning languages is a workout for brains, both young and old

Important brain reward pathway confirmed by researchers

Brain protein influences how the brain manages stress; suggests new model of depression

NIDA researchers confirm important brain reward pathway

The backwards brain? Study shows how brain maps develop to help us perceive the world

Depression, overwhelming guilt in preschool years linked to brain changes

Enriched Environments Hold Promise for Brain Injury Patients–health?=&storyid4704=2127&ncs4704=3

Enriched environments hold promise for brain injury patients

Enriched environments hold promise for brain injury patients

Study finds regular marijuana use changes the brain and can lower IQ

Multiple neurodevelopmental disorders have a common molecular cause

Human brainwaves light up mouse genes

A category-free neural population supports evolving demands during decision-making.

Controlling genes with your thoughts

Mind-Controlled Gene Expression

Human thoughts control mouse genes

Learning How Little We Know About the Brain

Long-term consequences of adolescent cannabinoid exposure in adult psychopathology

MS breakthrough: switching off aggressive cells stops body from attacking itself

Institutional rearing may increase ADHD risk by altering cortical development

Findings Challenge Assumptions About How Information Is Encoded in the Brain

Chronic marijuana use may alter the brain

The Brain’s “Inner GPS” Gets Dismantled

So, you think you can clap to the beat?

Why Beat Deaf Individuals Are Unable to Keep a Beat or Tap Along with Music

The processing of actions and action-words in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients

Actions versus objects: Patients with ALS have difficulty with action-verbs: why?

Patients with ALS have difficulty with verbs: Why?

Burnout caused by more than just job stress

Inside the Colourful World of Animal Vision

Actions versus objects in ALS: The role of the motor system

Mouse model sheds light on role of mitochondria in neurodegenerative diseases

Lou Gehrig’s disease study: Renewing brain’s aging support cells may help neurons survive

Sleep starts later as teens age, but school still starts early

The role of a specific brain region in deciding between conflicting options

Research shows easy-to-walk communities can blunt cognitive decline –

High-fat diet postponing brain aging

Could a high-fat diet help slow brain aging?

New knowledge about the human brain’s plasticity

Women’s finer sense of smell may be due to more brain cells

New knowledge about the human brain’s plasticity

COX-2 inhibitors linked to increased risk of stroke death

Dynamics of Oligodendrocyte Generation and Myelination in the Human Brain

Researchers Present New Findings About Human Brain Plasticity

UW study shows direct brain interface between humans

High-fat diet postponing brain aging

Our brain dissociates emotional response from explicit memory in fearful situations

High rate of insomnia during early recovery from addiction

Brain Changes Linked to Prematurity May Explain Risk of Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Brain changes linked to prematurity may explain risk of neurodevelopmental disorders

The inside story: How the brain and skull stay together

Language in the aging brain: The network dynamics of cognitive decline and preservation

Aging and the Changing Landscape of Memory

Dietary and lifestyle changes can reverse memory loss in Alzheimer’s, study proves

Up in smoke: Secondhand cigarette smoke causes weight gain

Irregular heartbeat doubles risk for ‘silent strokes,’ review suggests

Neuroscientists Offer Novel Insight on Brain Networks

Aging brains aren’t necessarily declining brains

Biological fat with a sugar attached essential to maintaining the brain’s supply of stem cells

University of Toronto researchers discover why anesthetics cause prolonged memory loss

University of Toronto researchers discover why anesthetics cause prolonged memory loss

Scientists trying to develop new anaesthetics that reduce risk of memory loss

Surgery linked to memory loss and dementia

‘White matter’ behaves differently in children with dyslexia

Brain’s White Matter Arrayed Differently in Dyslexic Kids

Prostaglandin D2 synthase/GPR44: a signaling axis in PNS myelination

A hierarchy of ankyrin-spectrin complexes clusters sodium channels at nodes of Ranvier

Glial ankyrins facilitate paranodal axoglial junction assembly

Fruit fly lights up brain wiring

Study offers evidence of unconscious thinking impacting conscious decision making

Adolescent Binge Drinking Reduces Brain Myelin, Impairs Cognitive and Behavioral Control

Brain asymmetry in cortical thickness is correlated with cognitive function

Scientists show that nicotine withdrawal reduces response to rewards across species

Neuronal “Superhub” Might Generate Consciousness

Our prescription drugs kill us in large numbers

Our prescription drugs kill us in large numbers.

Study investigates why sadness is the longest-lasting emotion

Link seen between seizures and migraines in the brain

Alcohol Binge Drinking during Adolescence or Dependence during Adulthood Reduces Prefrontal Myelin in Male Rats

Apnea-Induced Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Disruption Impairs Human Spatial Navigational Memory

Schwann Cells and Deleted in Colorectal Carcinoma Direct Regenerating Motor Axons Towards Their Original Path

Contribution of emotional and motivational neurocircuitry to cue-signaled active avoidance learning

Dendrite morphogenesis depends on relative levels of NT-3/TrkC signaling

Peripheral clocks don’t need the brain’s master clock to function correctly

Adolescent binge drinking reduces brain myelin, impairs cognitive and behavioral control

Drug tests on mothers’ hair links recreational drug use to birth defects

Insomnia increases risk of motor vehicle deaths, other fatal injuries

Researcher Debunks Alzheimer’s Prevailing Development Theory

Tau, not amyloid-beta, triggers neuronal death process in Alzheimer’s

Rods in daylight act as relay cells for cone-driven horizontal cell–mediated surround inhibition

Engineered cells reveal changes associated with learning, memory and reward

Neuroscience: Why scratching makes you itch more

Research Review: Birth by caesarean section and development of autism spectrum disorder and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Why plants in the office make us more productive

Epidemiological Study by Penn Vet Professor Investigates Parasite-Schizophrenia Connection

Not just lazy: Chronic fatigue is real, new brain scans show

Spontaneous mutations in key brain gene are a cause of autism

Geneticists tap human knockouts

Isolating Pathogenic Mechanisms Embedded within the Hippocampal Circuit through Regional Vulnerability

Calcium transient prevalence across the dendritic arbour predicts place field properties

Have you seen the Brain Awareness Video Contest winners yet? Here’s first place, “Vision and Illusion.”  

Steadily rising increases in mitochondrial DNA mutations cause abrupt shifts in brain disease

Heavy marijuana use could make it harder to recognize emotions in facial expressions

How Writing Reveals the Damaged Brain

Researchers identify brain changes involved in alcohol-related sleep disturbances

An enzyme and synaptic plasticity: Study reveals novel role for the Pin1 molecule

Reduced executive and default network functional connectivity in cigarette smokers.

Single rodent mesohabenular axons release glutamate and GABA

Visualizing an emotional valence map in the limbic forebrain by TAI-FISH

Just two hours of extra physical activity each week improves school performance: study

Pain and the PAG: learning from painful mistakes

Amygdala inputs to the prefrontal cortex elicit heterosynaptic suppression of hippocampal inputs

Bilingual neurons release glutamate and GABA

MRI shows gray matter myelin loss strongly related to MS disability

Learning and memory:  Actively compensating

Society for Neuroscience Videos

Society for Neuroscience Video Playlists

Embryonic blood-cerebrospinal fluid barrier formation and function

Watching 3-D videos of trees helps people recover from stress

Ultra-high-field MRI reveals language centres in the brain in much more detail

Bursting Neurons and Fading Memories, 1st Edition:  An Alternative Hypothesis of the Pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientists Uncover Major Factor in Development of Huntingtons Disease


Just 30 minutes of exercise has benefits for the brain

More kids harmed by drinking in pregnancy than expected, study reports

Just 30 minutes of exercise has benefits for the brain

Algal virus found in humans, slows brain activity

Enhancing dentate gyrus function with dietary flavanols improves cognition in older adults

Locus-specific epigenetic remodeling controls addiction- and depression-related behaviors

Rods in daylight act as relay cells for cone-driven horizontal cell–mediated surround inhibition

Can your blood type affect your memory?

Activity in Dendrites is Critical in Memory Formation

Neuroscientists propose revolutionary DNA-based approach to map wiring of whole brain

It’s better for memory to make mistakes while learning

Special Topic: Traumatic Brain Injury

Large study pinpoints synapse genes with major roles in severe childhood epilepsies

Using neuroimaging to expose the unconscious influences of priming

Synapses Always on the Starting Blocks

Dietary Flavanols Reverse Age-Related Memory Decline

Activity in dendrites is critical in memory formation

CNiFERs: Scientists create real-time readout of neurochemical activity

Dietary flavanols reverse age-related memory decline

New Models and Tools for Studying Synaptic Development and Function: FREE Webinar Tuesday 10/28 12:30-2 pm EDT

Dietary cocoa flavanols reverse age-related memory decline, study shows

Intraneuronally Injected Amyloid Beta Inhibits Long-Term Potentiation In Rat Hippocampal Slices

“Executive functions” cannot be distinguished from general intelligence: two variations on a single theme within a symphony of latent variance

Seasonal depression ’caused by increased levels of serotonin transporter protein’

After-school exercise program enhances cognition in 7-, 8- and 9-year-olds

How gut bacteria ensure a healthy brain – and could play a role in treating depression

Intelligence inheritance: Three genes that add to your IQ score

Managing the Adverse Effects of Antidepressants

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Treatments in Psychiatry

A frontal but not parietal neural correlate of auditory consciousness.

Microscopy providing ‘window into the cell’ wins chemistry Nobel

Lattice light-sheet microscopy: Imaging molecules to embryos at high spatiotemporal resolution

Study: ‘Broad consensus’ that violent media increase child aggression

New microscope gives clear view inside cells

Anatomical Abnormalities in Autism?

Breakthrough study identifies genetic link between the circadian clock and seasonal timing

Omega 3 can help children with ADD, experts say

Most Autistic People Have Normal Brain Anatomy

Ghrelin: A link between ageing, metabolism and neurodegenerative disorders

Sound and Light Show

The Hippocampus as a Cognitive Map: the book

Memories get the emotional switch

Bidirectional switch of the valence associated with a hippocampal contextual memory engram

Strong Vocabulary Protects Against Cognitive Decline

Clues to genetics of congenital heart defects emerge from Down syndrome study

Fundamental Neuroscience (online course from HarvardX)

The DTI connectivity of the human claustrum.

Second study links acetaminophen use during pregnancy to ADHD symptoms in children

Exercise Reduces the Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Strong working memory puts brakes on problematic drug use

Dual role of cerebral blood flow in regional brain temperature control in the healthy newborn infant

Detection of residual cognitive function through non-spontaneous eye movement in a patient with advanced frontotemporal dementia

The choroid plexuses and their impact on developmental neurogenesis

Simply Shining a Light Can Reveal the Brain’s Structure

Babies learn words differently as they age, researcher says

Memories Get the Emotional Switch

High-Speed Intracellular Imaging

Why people with Down syndrome invariably develop Alzheimer’s disease

Smoking interferes with neurocognitive recovery during abstinence from alcohol

Brain simulation raises questions

Press release: New insight on why people with Down syndrome invariably develop Alzheimer’s disease

New insight on why people with Down syndrome invariably develop Alzheimer’s disease

Are our brains physically shaped by life experiences?

Endogenous Cholinergic Input to the Pontine REM Sleep Generator Is Not Required for REM Sleep to Occur

Chemists Show that ALS is a Protein Aggregation Disease


Reminiscing Can Help Boost Mental Performance


Mathematical model shows how the brain remains stable during learning

Human skin cells reprogrammed directly into brain cells

Human Skin Cells Reprogrammed Directly into Brain Cells

Gladstone Scientists Reprogram Skin Cells into Brain Cells

New Research on Walnuts and the Fight Against Alzheimer’s Disease

Animal study reveals potential brain-health benefits of a walnut-enriched diet

Protective Effects of Walnut Extract Against Amyloid Beta Peptide-Induced Cell Death and Oxidative Stress in PC12 Cells

Scientists restore hearing in noise-deafened mice, pointing way to new therapies for humans

Immune proteins moonlight to regulate brain-cell connections

New map of a rat brain makes it easy for scientists and doctors to explore the brain and connectome

Immune proteins moonlight to regulate brain-cell connections

Unsteady on your feet? Little touches could make all the difference

Resetting the circadian clock: Shift workers might want to skip high-iron foods

B-vitamins can help beat depression according to study

Scientists Restore Hearing in Noise Deafened Mice

Scientists restore hearing in noise-deafened mice, pointing way to new therapies


Dr. Antonello Bonci Q & A: Lighting Up the Brain To Shut Down Cocaine Seeking

New Insight Into How Cues Cause Relapse to Cocaine

See-Through, One-Atom-Thick, Carbon Electrodes are a Powerful Tool for Studying Epilepsy, Other Brain Disorders, Penn Study Finds

Graphene Microelectrodes are Powerful Tools for Studying Epilepsy and Other Brain Disorders

Study Suggests Mental Rest and Reflection Boost Learning

Decoy drug developed by Stanford Bio-X scientists allows brains of adult mice to form new connections

B vitamin polymorphisms and behavior: Evidence of associations with neurodevelopment, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and cognitive decline

Turning Back the Brain’s Clock

Dopaminergic neurons promote hippocampal reactivation and spatial memory persistence

When antidepressant drugs cause depression

Brief depression questionnaires could lead to unnecessary antidepressant prescriptions

EEG study findings reveal how fear is processed in the brain

New learning mechanism for individual nerve cells

Memory trace and timing mechanism localized to cerebellar Purkinje cells (full text)

An enzyme and synaptic plasticity: Study reveals novel role for the Pin1 molecule

Long-term in vivo imaging of dendritic spines in the hippocampus reveals structural plasticity.

Study provides more evidence that sleep apnea is hurting your brain

New learning mechanism for individual nerve cells

Xenon gas protects the brain after head injury

Mild traumatic brain injury can have lasting effects for families

Network measures predict neuropsychological outcome after brain injury

How the brain leads us to believe we have sharp vision

How the Brain Leads Us to Believe We Have Sharp Vision

Magnetic Resonance Imaging study finds brain abnormalities in regular marijuana users

Broken signals lead to neurodegeneration

Smoking and schizophrenia linked by alterations in brain nicotine signals

Scientists Develop Decoy Drug to Aid Ailing Brain

‘Paradigm shift’ in understanding of potassium channels

Neuro-Insights into Holding It

Jet Lag Upsets Gut Microbes

One Fish, Two Fish: Despite a lack of vision, a blind cavefish can count. Sort of.–Two-Fish/

Myelin’s Role in Motor Learning

Neuron insulating myelin is vital for learning new practical skills, study finds

Male and female brains aren’t equal when it comes to fat

Misfolded Proteins Clump Together in a Surprising Place


New Algorithms Search for Signs of Consciousness in Brain Injury Patients

Vegetative patients may be more conscious of the world than we think

Scientists find ‘hidden brain signatures’ of consciousness in vegetative state patients – See more at:

Scientists find ‘hidden brain signatures’ of consciousness in vegetative state patients


A memory boost from exercising could pass on to your baby

Leisure time physical activity linked to lower depression risk

Chimpanzees have favorite ‘tool set’ for hunting staple food of army ants

Depression drugs linked to failure of dental implants

Drugs for depression linked with failure of dental implant

Damage to brain ‘hubs’ causes extensive impairment

Breakthrough study identifies genetic link between the circadian clock and seasonal timing

Gut bacteria protein linked to anorexia and bulimia

Damage to Brain ‘Hubs’ Causes Extensive Impairment


New Study Finds That Neurons Actively Fine Tune Themselves at the Genetic Level


In Vitro Alzheimer’s?

Strong working memory puts brakes on problematic drug use
Orphanage Care Linked to Thinner Brain Tissue in Regions Related to ADHD

Study links healthy sleep duration to less sick time from work

Chemical Derived from Broccoli Sprouts Shows Promise in Treating Autism

Scientists Sniff Out Unexpected Role for Stem Cells in the Brain

The Face-Time Continuum: Lifespan Changes in Facial Width-to-Height Ratio Impact Aging-Associated Perceptions.

Novel Culture System Replicates Course of Alzheimer’s Disease and Confirms Amyloid Hypothesis

Greater Rates of Mitochondrial Mutations Discovered in Children Born to Older Mothers

‘Inner GPS’ of bird brains may be better than that of humans

Chemical Derived from Broccoli Sprouts Shows Promise in Treating Autism

Scientists Link ALS Progression to Increased Protein Instability

A three-dimensional human neural cell culture model of Alzheimer’s disease

Breakthrough Replicates Human Brain Cells for Use in Alzheimer’s Research

Chemical derived from broccoli sprouts shows promise in treating autism

What’s in cough syrup that could help with Down syndrome?

Manipulating memory with light

Psychologists say Milgram’s famous experiment on obedience to authority has been misunderstood

Brain training can help develop building blocks needed for math and reading

Why our childhood takes so long – the metabolic costs of brain development

Dyslexic readers have disrupted network connections in the brain

Study shows how robots can help kids with autism learn new skills

A shift in the code: New method reveals hidden genetic landscape

Sharing mental simulations and stories: Hippocampal contributions to discourse integration.

Behavioral and Neural Valuation of Foods Is Driven by Implicit Knowledge of Caloric Content.

Cortical Representations Are Reinstated by the Hippocampus during Memory Retrieval

Scientists Erase Memories With Light

Gut bacteria protein linked to anorexia and bulimia

Computer simulation of the hippocampus shows how memories form

Multiple neurodevelopmental disorders have a common molecular cause

Unique interaction discovered between brain regions involved in addiction, depression

Mechanism that repairs brain after stroke discovered

Physically fit kids have beefier brain white matter than their less-fit peers

Similar But Different: New Discovery for Neurodegenerative Disease

Thyroid Ailment Can Cause Deafness

Mechanism That Repairs Brain After Stroke Discovered

Exercise Key to Warding off Dementia

Neuroimaging technique identifies concussion-related brain disease in living brain

Mining big data yields Alzheimer’s discovery

Mouse version of an autism spectrum disorder improves when diet includes a synthetic oil

Kids Who Exercise Don’t Sweat Tests

Fixing a faulty molecular ‘transport hub’ could slow brain degeneration

Sugar linked to memory problems in adolescent rats

Brain inflammation dramatically disrupts memory retrieval networks, UCI study finds

Implanted neuronal stem cells generate neurons and synapses, becoming a functioning part of mouse brain

Yellow pigment in eye may aid vision through haze

Anchoring the neural compass: coding of local spatial reference frames in human medial parietal lobe

Representation of aversive prediction errors in the human periaqueductal gray

Schizophrenia not a single disease but multiple genetically distinct disorders

People with blood type AB more at risk of cognitive decline and dementia

Ecstasy makes others seem more trustworthy and increases generosity: study

Neurons Can Use Glial Cell Exosomes to Defend Themselves

Large study pinpoints synapse genes with major roles in severe childhood epilepsies

How Rabies “Hijacks” Neurons to Attack the Brain

How Memories Form: A Glimpse into the 3D Brain

Why Is Educational Achievement Heritable?

Researchers Demonstrate Direct Fluid Flow Influences Neuron Growth

Study: ‘Broad consensus’ that violent media increase child aggression

How rabies ‘hijacks’ neurons to attack the brain

Why is educational achievement heritable?

Reclassification of PTSD diagnosis potentially excludes soldiers diagnosed under previous criteria

The Quick Exercise That Immediately Improves Long-Term Memory

Brain damage caused by severe sleep apnea is reversible

Questioning the dichotomy between vegetative state and minimally conscious state: A review of the statistical evidence

Functional Brain Networks Contributing to the Parieto-Frontal Integration Theory of Intelligence.

Particulate Matter Exposure, Prenatal and Postnatal Windows of Susceptibility, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

MRI Technique Detects Evidence of Cognitive Decline Before Symptoms Appear

Mental Rehearsals Strengthen Neural Circuits

Misfolded Proteins Travel in Huntington’s Disease

Nancy’s Brain Talks

Inflammasomes in neuroinflammation and changes in brain function: a focused review

Estrogen increases cannabis sensitivity

Scientists show that nicotine withdrawal reduces response to rewards across species

Coffee in the Genes? New genetic variants associated with coffee drinking

MRI technique detects evidence of cognitive decline before symptoms appear

Fish oil supplements reduce incidence of cognitive decline, may improve memory function

Neuroscience: Brains of Norway

Five supplements that may help with depression

5 Lifestyle Changes Could Prevent 80 Percent of Heart Attacks

People with blood type AB more at risk of cognitive decline and dementia

Neuroscientists garner Nobel for discovering brain’s ‘inner GPS’

Glut of postdoc researchers stirs quiet crisis in science

Enhancing brain function with butter

Culprits of Autism Identified: Toxins, Gut Bacteria, Nutritional Deficiencies, and Vaccines Made with Human Fetal Cell Lines

Brain’s “Inner GPS” Wins Nobel–Inner-GPS–Wins-Nobel/

The Eye

The Eye: An Overview (infographic)

Culprits of Autism: Toxins, Gut Bacteria, & Vaccines

Sweet Potatoes Are More Than Just a Trendy Side Dish

Brain inflammation dramatically disrupts memory retrieval networks

National Institute of Mental Health abandoning the DSM

Multi-Pronged Pharmaceutical Company Marketing Can Make “Evidenced-Based Medicine” a Joke

Adverse Effects of SSRIs

Memory Loss Associated with Alzheimer’s Reversed for First Time

Theta phase–specific codes for two-dimensional position, trajectory and heading in the hippocampus

Time cells in the hippocampus: a new dimension for mapping memories

New study shows some ‘vegetative’ patients are mentally active

Brain-boosting herbs for better memory

Viral Trek to the Brain: Rabies hitches a ride with a receptor for nerve growth factor.

Electrical signature from OCD can be picked up in the brain

Are Three Brain Imaging Techniques Better than One?

Ever-so-slight delay improves decision-making accuracy

Childhood Stress Decreases Size of Brain Regions

Do Gut Bacteria Rule Our Minds?

Pot studies suggest regular use is bad for teen brains

FDA Urges Tighter Rein on Hydrocodone Medication While Simultaneously Approving Another Addictive Painkiller

How to Detoxify From Mercury

How stress hormones promote brain’s building of negative memories

How playing an instrument benefits your brain

Experiences at every stage of life contribute to cognitive abilities in old age

Synaptic plasticity associated with a memory engram in the basolateral amygdala.

Brain Activity in Sex Addicts Mirrors That of Drug Addicts

Better cognition seen with gene variant [KL-VS variant of the KLOTHO gene] carried by 1 in 5
Combining imagine technologies [MEG and fMRI] for real-time insight into our brain

Blocking key enzyme [Cdk5] minimizes stroke injury, UT Southwestern research finds

Marijuana vs. Alcohol: Which Is Worse?

A tiny molecule may help battle depression [mir-RNA]

Anti-anxiety drugs and sleeping pills linked to risk of death

Research Gives Unprecedented 3D View of Important [NMDA] Brain Receptor

Seeing the inner workings of the brain made easier by new technique from Stanford scientists

The precuneus: a review of its functional anatomy and behavioural correlates. Full Text:

Electrical signature from OCD can be picked up in the brain (precuneus)

The surprising truth about obsessive-compulsive thinking

Researchers find gene critical for development of brain motor center (cerebellum)

Autism-related protein shown to play vital role in addiction (FMRP)

Your Brain’s Got Rhythm, And Syncs When You Think

Lateral inferior prefrontal cortex and anterior cingulate cortex are engaged at different stages in the solution of insight problems

New Brain Mechanism Discovery Linked to Decision Making

Brain’s visual system also processes sound

Even Fruit Flies Need a Moment to Think It Over

H.M.’s Brain, 1953–Present–s-Brain–1953-Present/

Cigarette smoking may cause physical changes in brains of young smokers

Exercise Can Erase Memories
Brain model pins down motor decisions

Scientists create detailed picture of protein [mGlu1 receptor] linked to learning, pain and brain disorders

The surprising truth about obsessive-compulsive thinking

Nasal spray delivers new type of depression treatment

Slippery slope: Is a patient ‘vegetative?’ The crucial answer may be quite wrong.

Further Evidence of Link Between Concussions and Alzheimer’s Disease

Drink coffee to ward off Alzheimer’s

Serious reading takes a hit from online scanning and skimming, researchers say

Suppressing unwanted memories reduces their unconscious influence on behavior

Light-activated neurons from stem cells restore function to paralysed muscles

Brain of famous amnesiac “H.M.” yields new insights into memory,0,238809.story

Remembrance or revision? Brain study shows memory misleads,0,3359715.story

Caffeine can help jolt your memory,0,2179938.story

Why A Little Caffeine Can Help Your Brain Remember

Sleep ‘Detoxes’ The Brain, New Research Suggests

A New Map of How We Think: Top Brain/Bottom Brain

How Exercise Makes Your Brain Grow

Coconut oil miraculously helps Parkinson’s patient regain quality of life



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